Year 8 Mathematics

Students have been learning the language around ‘Chance’. They were given scenarios eg ‘You flip a coin and and get a tail’. Students had to stand next to one of the words on the given line (probability scale). eg highly likely. Part of this was […]


In Term 3 Year 7 -10 mathematics students participated in the CSIRO Bebras Challenge (412+ students). The challenge is designed to  promote computational thinking, a way of understanding problems and identifying the tools and strategies that enable a solution to be developed. Some students worked […]

Year 7-10 Bebras Maths Competition

BEBRAS The Bebras Australia Computational Thinking Challenge will take place from 7– 21 September 2020. Bebras is a great way to engage students In Mathematics in collaborative, creative, and critical thinking. The goal of the Bebras Challenge is to promote computational thinking skills in a […]

Year 8 Wellbeing

Year 8 students have been creating connections with each other by participating in a scavenger hunt each wellbeing class.  The idea is that we can connect through fun activities and each week students vote on the activity that is most creative, unusual and meets the […]