Year 8 Humanities – Volcano Work

In Humanities this Term for Year 8, we are learning about landforms and landscapes. In this topic, we were given the opportunity to work with our friends to create a volcano outside of school. While making this volcano we learnt how volcanos could erupt in […]

Year 8 Author Visit – Jane Godwin

Thank you to author, Jane Godwin, who visited the Year 8 recently. As part of their assessment, the Year 8 students are reading Jane’s novel ‘When rain turns to snow’, so it was a great opportunity for them to hear first-hand the inspiration behind the […]

Intergenerational Aged Care Project

The theme for the Year 8s last visit to Coasthaven as part of the Intergenerational Aged Care Project was music; with a small concert held for the residents. Here are some of the students’ reflections of their experience: ‘I really enjoyed going to Coasthaven because […]

Year 8 Intergenerational Aged Care Project

The Year 8 Intergenerational Aged Care Project continues, with students visiting Baptcare Coasthaven last week, where the residents and students participated in a game of Trivia. The residents thoroughly enjoyed the activity and their time spent with the students.

Years 7 and 8 Connection Conversations – Term 4

As part of Clonard College’s commitment to collaborative parentships, Year 7 and 8 students will have a Connection Conversation with their families and wellbeing teacher during Week 6 of this term. We will hold the final Connection Conversations via TEAMS. This is an opportunity to touch […]

Year 8 English – Wonder in the Community

‘On the 25 October our English class went to an Kalkee Murray, Belmont, we had lots of fun and enjoyed meeting all the residents. We got to play games like bowling, hopscotch and sang songs together. We talked to residents and got to know them. […]

Years 7 & 8 ICT Champions DreamHack Excursion

Last month, the Year 7 & 8 ICT Champions went to the DreamHack Event Melbourne. The event was attended by over 21,000 attendees and included many guest speakers, displays, activities and games. One guest presenter spoke about their time as a streamer on Twitch / […]

Year 8 – Play, Humour and Fun Incursion

On Wednesday 14 September, the Year 8 students held their Play, Humour and Fun Day at Clonard. Groups of students proposed what they would envisage the Play, Humour and Fun Day would look like and then their peers voted on which day they would like […]

Year 7 and 8 Connection Conversations

Earlier this week, the Year 7 and 8 Connection Conversations were held online with students’ and their families and wellbeing teachers. These brief conversations are a great opportunity to stay connected, build relationships and provide an overall check in for students, families, and wellbeing teachers. […]

Year 8 Reflection Day

On Thursday 29 July, Year 8 students put down the traditional tools of learning to participate in their Reflection Day. With the theme of ‘Compassion for our Universe: our common home’ students enjoyed a range of experiences that looked at different aspects of the created […]