Year 9 Outdoor Ed Camp

The Year 9 Outdoor Ed have had an eventful semester that has required patience and resilience. After dangerous weather postponed their camp they had to deal with the uncertainty for changing to a new date and changing location. Eventually they got camp off the group […]

Year 9 Yellow Arrow Leadership Workshop

This week, the Year 9’s students participated in the Yellow Arrow Leadership workshops, where they explored how to be a leader in the little and big moments, regardless of whether you have an official leadership role or not. Feedback from the students after the workshop: […]

2023 Subject Selections

It is a busy time of year working out the right future options for YOU. Please make note of the following closing dates for Subject Selection 2023: Tuesday 12 July 2022 – Year 11 Thursday 14 July 2022 – Year 8 Friday 15 July 2022 […]

Year 9 Intro to Outdoor Education

The Year 9 Introduction to Outdoor Education class visited Edwards’s Point last week to learn further about the impacts that humans can have on an environment. With the support of the conservation group “Friends of Edwards Point” they participated in the removal of weeds and […]

The Last Mile – Year 9 DigiSTEM

This term in a new joint project with Geelong Tech School and industry partner Ford, Year 9 DigiSTEM students designed smart mobility vehicles for city travel. Their brief from Ford was to design a lightweight vehicle to allow commuters to navigate the “last mile” between […]

VET/SBAT Information Night Recording

If you missed the VET/SBAT Information Night held on Tuesday 31 May, a recording of the session is now available. The VET/SBAT Information Night is for students and families of those in Years 9 – 11 who are interested in completing a VET (Vocational Education […]

Year 9 Day Camps

Last week, instead of the traditional camp with nights away, the Year 9 students got to experience three different ‘day’ camps, where they each visited the Bush, Beach and City on a different day. On the Bush Camp, students visited the beautiful Anakie Gorge, where […]

Senior Years Information Night Recording

If you missed the Senior Years Information Session held on Monday 16 May. A recording of the session is now available. The Senior Years Information Night is specifically for parents of students in Years 9 and 10 because these are the students who will be […]

Years 9 and 10 Humanities Excursion

Students from Years 9 and 10 Humanities electives (Year 9 Political and Legal Systems and Year 10 Legal Studies) enjoyed exploring the Old Melbourne Gaol precinct in order to deepen their awareness of aspects of Victoria’s court system, sentencing and reflect on how the courts […]