Celebrating Student Leadership

Student Leadership in 2020 has not always gone to plan but our leaders have risen to the challenges presented to them and in many ways achieved more than they had ever imagined. It is a remarkable example of resilience, innovation, and persistence. We congratulate them 👏🥇

Jess Ritchie, Year 12 Living Justice Leader

Position Overview: Raise awareness for the most vulnerable and coordinate events that focus on the injustices within our community.

Most proud of in 2020: This year, I’m most proud of the entire Student Leadership Team’s ability to adapt to online communications and delivering information and presentations over social media platforms.

In my role as Living Justice Leader, I’m proud of our K’s for Caritas initiative, walking for the most vulnerable, and raising money and awareness for Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project, aiming to assist those who are unable to receive Government assistance, especially during the current COVID-19 situation.

Advice for students thinking of applying for a student leadership position: Go for it, even if it is outside of your comfort zone. You will learn personal/social skills such as how to effectively communicate with teachers and fellow peers.

The student leadership role can help to enhance organisation and self-responsibility as you work amongst great students and staff.

Sidney Hoei and Cassidy Wright, Year 12 Lelia House Leaders

Position Overview: Co-ordinating and promoting enthusiastic school and house spirit through intra-school/inter-house events and a bit of healthy competition.

Most proud of in 2020: As Lelia leaders, we are all so proud of our house’s keen participation during a very unexpected year, which won us the Quarantine Cup!

Advice for students thinking of applying for a student leadership position: Go for it! I’d say it’s the best way to be part of the school community and is a great opportunity to learn from others.

Brooke Parsons, Year 12 Liturgy and Identity Leader

Position Overview: My role involves working with the Liturgy and Identity and Living Justice Teams to promote the College values and themes as well as strength and kindliness through all the College works. It also involves the creation of liturgies that reflect on the College values and theme.

Most proud of in 2020: With liturgies being a big part of my role, COVID has meant that we have needed to come up with different ways to bring the Clonard community together through the challenges that this year has presented us. I am so proud of my team and the way we have worked this year to help keep everyone connected. I’m also proud of the hard work our team has put in to create a new mural for the college which will represent the year the whole college community has had.

Advice for students thinking of applying for a student leadership position: Go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. The experience I have had in the Student Leadership Team has been so amazing and has taught me so much. I definitely think that it’s worth a shot, take every opportunity you can.

Abbey Blackley, Year 11 Health and Wellbeing leader
Position Overview: organising different activities throughout the year which encourages and promotes health and wellbeing and assisting with swimming carnival and athletics day.
Most proud of in 2020: I am proud of how the health and wellbeing team have worked together while facing the challenges of being remote due to COVID-19. As a team, we were able to promote ‘Love Your Body’ Week and a whole school STRAVA challenge.
Advice for students thinking of applying for a student leadership position: My advice would be to just for it and don’t hesitate to apply! It is a great opportunity to improve yourself and grow as an individual, being part of the leadership team gives you the opportunity to meet new students and work alongside them bouncing ideas off each and helping you improve your leadership qualities. This is not just a role that involves organising and promoting different activities surrounding Health and Wellbeing, it is also a role that involves everyday leadership around Clonard and skills that you can take into the future!