Celebrating Student Leadership

Our Student Leadership Teams plans for 2020 may not have all gone to plan but they have risen to the challenges of 2020 and in many ways have achieved more than they had ever imagined. A remarkable example of resilience, innovation and persistence. We congratulate them.

Arnika Nelson, Year 12 Triumph Leader

Position Overview:
Coordinate and organise the Triumph Music Festival which raises money for East Timor.

Most proud of in 2020:
This year, I have been most proud of the things that I have learnt from my time on the Triumph committee and the efforts that we made as a team. The overall aim of the festival is to raise money for East Timor, and even though it was postponed due to Covid-19, this goal will still be reached when the festival goes ahead.

I am also proud of the committee and the way we worked together, as well as the communication skills we gained. The creativity and innovation that we shared putting the festival together are some of the things that I am most proud of.

Advice for students thinking of applying for a student leadership position: Due to the postponement of the Triumph Festival, students will have the opportunity to take part in the organizing committee next year. This is an amazing opportunity that these students could take. This is not just a role that involves organizing a music festival, it also a role that involves everyday leadership around Clonard.

It also gives students the opportunity to meet other students from St Josephs, Sacred Heart and St Ignatius, as well as learning key skills that can be used for the future. Overall, it is a great cause, involving amazing people, whilst learning life skills!