The Sustainability Team invited students and staff from the whole school community to be involved in Clean Up Wadawarrung Country on Friday, March 3 2023. On the day, the clean-up included students from the Year 10 Pre VOC(pre-vcal) class during period 4, and 18 students from all year levels and 10 staff who volunteered their time during lunchtime and period 5. Everyone enthusiastically gathered at the back gate on Tullow Grass at lunchtime to collect a pair of gloves, rubbish pickers, and Clean Up bags for rubbish and co-mingled recycling. We also carted wheelbarrows in case we needed to collect larger items on the Clean Up. The group walked along the Herne Reserve Ovals and along the Gabrielle Blythe Walking Path. When we returned to school, we emptied out the contents of a few of the bags that were collected and sorted and counted the items of rubbish on a large piece of plastic.

This is what we found when we inspected a few of the rubbish bags:

Soft Plastics – total of 180 items

  • Chip, confectionary and ice-cream wrappers – 78 items
  • Other food wrapping e.g., bread, biscuits – 101 items
  • Small supermarket retail bags – 1 items

Food/ beverage plastics – total of 39 items

  • Plastic beverage bottles (single use) – 14 items
  • Takeaway cups – 1 item
  • Bottle caps and lids – 24 items

Pieces of broken glass – total of 169 items

Metals – total of 18 items

  • Aluminium beverage cans – 12 items
  • Wire – 4 items
  • Other metals – 2 items

Thank you to the Sustainability Team, and to all the students and staff who were involved on the day to make this event meaningful and caring for our precious earth.

Lisa Singline – Sustainability Leader