Arts Week 2022 – a student led week filled with a range of activities that included the performing and visual arts. Thank you to the amazing team for all your help. Activities included chalk art, music Kahoots, dance, and a very intense Art Scavenger Hunt to finish the week! Special thanks to Lily H, Azaria P, Jemma A, Madison M and the Arts staff for their support of Arts Week.

Hear from our leaders:

The music Kahoots were a blast! We had a great turnout of student from every corner of the school sharing their music knowledge. Thanks to everyone that helped on the day and in the lead up to the day.
We ran three Kahoots, all on different topics and types of music. Congrats to all our winner and thanks to all our music lovers that came along for the ride! – Jemma A

On Friday, the students participated in an art scavenger hunt where they had to go around the school in teams or by themselves and draw items or locations from the school listed in boxes. The students started in the Art rooms and the team or student who arrived back to Art Rooms first with the most detailed and accurate drawings won a $50 voucher. Congratulations to the winner (Elissa A of Year 9) of the $50 voucher– Lily H