Each term the ‘Living Justly’ student team here at Clonard, under the valued guidance of Eileen Mackenzie, volunteer their time to cook meals after school for those in our community in need.

We now have a freezer full of meals for families in need, including Green Chicken Curry (+vego option), Lasagne (vego and GF options), zucchini and bacon slice (+ vego option) and delicious chocolate cakes.

Please be aware that these free meals are available, and you do NOT need to be in desperate or dire need before you reach out for a meal, a simple email to Michael.mccallum@clonard.vic.edu.au or a call to our reception, is all that’s needed.

You may need a meal because of illness, covid, a short hospital stay, moving house, family bereavements etc – please let us know! And please also let us know if you are aware of any family who could do with a meal or two – we can reach out to them. We want to share these meals with anyone for whom a meal or two can help – they can be discretely bagged up to be collected/taken home!

Michael McCallum
Living Justly Leader