We had a very successful Community Cook-Up last week, organised by our Living Justly Leaders, Livina S. and Eva M., with support and oversight by our wonderful Food Studies Coordinator and teacher Eileen Mackenzie and with assistance from Bek Evans and Carolyn Blair.

With 26 student volunteers present, each donating $5 to help offset the cost of ingredients, 56 single meals were prepared, packaged labelled and stored, all in 90 minutes, including beef lasagne, vegetable lasagne, zucchini slices and chocolate cake desserts! Thanks so much to Eileen, Bek and Carolyn in particular, supported by Mr Millie, Ms Taylor and Mr McCallum.

These meals are available for any member of the Clonard Community for whom a provided meal will assist in a time of need, so please let us know by contacting the office if a meal could help your family, at any time, or if you hear of anyone in need.