COVID-19 @ Clonard: recording what we thought, felt, saw and did

The Clonard library is creating a book about the school’s experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This will be a valuable resource for our school, not only recording our experiences but also creating a primary resource to be used by historians and students in the future. We will also submit a copy of the book to the State Library of Victoria, making it a part of the SLV’s vast historical collection.

To do this, we need your input. Your voices matter. We want you to describe your thoughts and feelings about the past few weeks. Tell us about your experience of spending the Easter holidays at home. Did you enjoy spending lots of time at home or do you miss getting out and about? What was new? 

We also want to hear about your initial experience of doing lessons at home. Describe your thoughts and feelings about remote learning over the past week. You could address questions such as: Do you like doing lessons at home? What do you miss most about school? What have been the best bits about staying home for school, and what are the things you have found hardest?

You can submit your response in writing (a paragraph or more if you want to), or you might like to create some art. Send us photos of your artwork and anything else you would like added to the book: your desk, planning for learning at home, etc.

Submit your contributions and queries to Ms Ryan:

We’re looking forward to hearing from as many of you as possible.