Deakin University and Downer Engineering STEM Awards 2020

Being a scientist isn’t just about wearing a white lab coat and working in a lab- it’s about being curious and creative. Curious to ask a question and then being creative to find a way to get an answer. This is what Deakin University and the Downer Group were trying to promote and provide an opportunity for female STEM students across Victoria.

During term 3, all students in Year 7 –10 designed and carried out their own independent science investigation. Topics included:

· How does different flour affect cookie size?

· Does the size of the soccer ball impact the distance I can kick it?

· How do different genres of music affect concentration?

· Does the year a pinball machine was made affect the amount of power it draws

· How does sunlight affect plant growth?

· Do different types of chocolate (dark, milk, white) melt at different rates

· Do boys or girls respond to text messages more promptly?

· How does the shooting angle affect goal accuracy in basketball?

Some of these investigations were shortlisted for the Deakin and Downer STEM Awards which had entries from schools across Melbourne, Geelong and Ballarat. The final awards ceremony was held on Wednesday morning via Zoom. We are very proud to announce the following Clonard winners.

Deakin University and Downer Engineering Year 7/8 Science Awards:

Deakin University and Downer Engineering Year 9/10 Science Awards: