Does Having an Awesome Science Week Affect the Level of Student Fun


National Science Weeks runs every year to celebrate science and technology. The Science team at Clonard were super excited to run a variety of engaging activities throughout the week to showcase the many aspects of science and technology. This year’s theme was Food – Different by Design and gave students the opportunity to think about food production and sustainable food options.

Method (activities):

  • Future food store (cricket and worm tasting)
  • Cake competition
  • Giant bubbles
  • Lost in space theatre
  • Egg drop competition
  • Senior science trivia
  • Blind food tasting (Show)
  • Tree scavenger hunt
  • Guess the grams in the jellybean jar
  • What animal am I


Discussion and Conclusion

As seen in the images there was an upward trend in laughing, engagement and all-round scientific fun. In Table 1 it was observed there was a strong relationship between the winners of the weeklong competitions and leaving the school with a strawberry plant or freddo prize. Thank you to all the students that got involved across the school.

Additionally, a big thank you to all the science staff and 7 – 12 student leaders that made science week possible. We look forward to celebrating this energetic week again in 2022.