The Brigid Garden Program students recently experienced a day at Kingvale Farm in Freshwater Creek.

Here are some of the highlights and reflections from students.

T2 wk 4 (14)


A pony was extremely hungry, it gave me these puppy pony eyes, I had a feeling it wanted more food!!! Brownie the chicken liked me and wanted pats.

T2 wk 4 (13)


On Wednesday I got to go to Mary Roses Farm with the Garden Program. I loved going to the farm because it gave me some time away from all my classes. I enjoyed the Garden Program for a full day. I learn new skills. Usually I am only there in the garden in the afternoon. For me it was very special to be able to come to Mary Roses farm. I loved seeing Mary Rose again because I haven’t seen her in ages. I loved being out and about again. This is Brownie the chicken. I loved seeing all the animals again. Cluck Cluck that’s from Brownie. Bye for now.

T2 wk 4 (28)


My favourite highlights from the farm are being around horses. I gave Sam the horse a hug. He is so sweet and friendly, and he is so used to people being around him. He is the best. It was good being around animals that I love, and I am compassionate about, and feeding the horses carrots. The big black horse in the background is black beauty. He is really sweet and kind to pat and so kid friendly. Overall the farm is so amazing I really loved that I was able to have the experience.

T2 wk 4 (64)


I like this photo because it’s with all of us and reminds me when we were at the farm. Rosie’s Red Truck, this tiny house was a great place for lunch.

T2 wk 4 (50)


I like Moonshine the horse. I fed the horses carrot. I asked Nicole about the pregnant cow.

T2 wk 4 (30)


I fed the horse last time. It made me feel happy. The tiny house looks like a nice place to have lunch.

T2 wk 4 (25)


I like how Laura is feeding Fergus and Kirby. The horse looks very calm.

T2 wk 4 (61)


My highlight was climbing the ladder to sit on the hay bale with Ruby. I liked feeding the horses carrots and being with everyone.