Faces of Clonard

Mrs Louise Davies will be a familiar face to many staff, students and parents, as she has spent an incredible 36 years teaching at Clonard!

Mrs Davies has predominantly spent that time teaching in the Visual Arts and says assisting and watching the senior students produce amazing artworks for their folios is just one of her many highlights.

Beyond the Art Room, Mrs Davies has consistently been a Wellbeing teacher across all the Year levels and has held numerous leadership roles throughout her years which required different duties and responsibilities. Notably, Mrs Davies was instrumental in introducing Medieval Day and the Barwon River program at Year 8. Among other responsibilities was the organisation of 27 horse riding camps and numerous Falls Creek camps, which includes the memorable experience of hiking up Mount Nelson with the Year 9s.

It is hard to surmise how many students have been taught and inspired by Mrs Davies, we would like to thank her for sharing her passion, expertise and time with us.

Faces of Clonard – Meet Ms Justine Fitzpatrick.
Ms Fitzpatrick is in her 4th year of teaching at Clonard where she has taught in the Health and Physical Education subject areas. Currently, Ms Fitzpatrick is the Year 11 Wellbeing and Community Leader (WELCOM), Case Manager and Child Protection Officer.

As Year 11 WELCOM, Ms Fitzpatrick works closely with an amazing team of dedicated teachers to implement a whole school approach to wellbeing, linking with parents to enable a safe and supportive environment for our students. Supporting students’ emotional and social health so they are ready to learn and emphasising relationships and connections with each individual student to guide and support their behaviour is paramount. In her role as Child Protection Officer, Ms Fitzpatrick ensures the promotion and maintenance of the Child Protection culture at the College.

Fondest memory – ‘2020! From starting the Year as a new WELCOM Leader to then having to teach remotely and transfer my leadership style online, which at times was extremely difficult. Then to be able to finish the year at Lorne to celebrate with the girls who I had the privilege to lead was amazing. Lastly, it was the end of year liturgy we celebrated as a year level after a year apart. The surprise speech and beautiful gifts the Year level gave me was so special and something I will never forget’. – Ms Fitzpatrick

On this Mother’s Day, we would like to thank Ms Fitzpatrick for going beyond her role, in a motherly fashion to ensure all students are listened to, valued and know that they are an essential part of our community.