Faces of Clonard

Sr Geraldine Sheedy

Sr Geraldine Sheedy became a Brigidine Sister in 1962, a teacher in 1964 and worked in many schools before arriving at Clonard in 2002.

Sr Geraldine’s work at Clonard is impossible to place under a position or title as her work has been quietly instrumental across many areas. Sr Geraldine’s intuition and readiness to watch and listen has always guided her to our most vulnerable students or staff and provided them with what is required. A lift to work, school supplies, tutoring or a chat.

Always the early bird, Sr Geraldine has spent many years opening up the College grounds, turning on heaters, picking up the papers and ensuring all was well before any other signs of life arrived through the College gates. Over the years, Sr Geraldine could often be found in her quiet spot in the Library tutoring senior students and those with English as an additional language.

In her commitment to always be learning Sr Geraldine was studying well into her 70s, completing her third Masters degree – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, to better meet the needs and experiences of students new to Australia.

Last week we were blessed to be able to celebrate with Geraldine a significant milestone – her 80th birthday and an opportunity to bid farewell as Sr Geraldine retires to Melbourne. Sr Geraldine’s presence will be missed but will be evident in everything we do, embracing the spirit of the Brigidine sisters and of strength and kindliness.

Mrs Therese Bourke

Mrs Bourke has been part of the Clonard team for four years, initially as a College Counsellor before transitioning into teaching Literacy and Wellbeing and in addition, for the last 18 months as the Year 8 Wellbeing and Community Leader (WELCOM).

As part of Mrs Bourke’s role as Year 8 WELCOM, Mrs Bourke works with staff and students to promote student agency and implement programs that support Clonard’s vision and overall school improvement. Mrs Bourke facilitates great partnerships with our student families and communities so that everyone is well supported and positioned for learning and success.

‘Clonard is an amazing place to work and since I was first employed, what stood out for me were the relationships people make and that everyone cares for each other. Every day is a wonderful day – with students, teachers and families. Most recently, I was in amazement at the student leaders who facilitated activities for our Year 8 students, they were so confident, flexible and engaging. I love providing these opportunities for young people. I also love teaching literacy and reading about students’ experiences and reflections. Clonard is just a great place to work’. – Mrs Therese Bourke.