Faces Of Clonard

Mrs Liz Rush

Mrs Rush has been teaching at Clonard for the past nine years in the English, VCAL and Performing Arts subject areas. In her current role as Learning Leader – English and VCAL, Mrs Rush leads and implements curriculum focus and change.

In the past nine years, Mrs Rush has never missed an opportunity to get to know her students better and encourage participation in the extra-curricular activities designed to extend the learning of students. Mrs Rush can often be found tutoring students at lunchtime, coaching debating teams and accompanying students to public speaking events, or enjoying Open Mic sessions and joining in on Year 12 celebrations at the end of the year. Mrs Rush is always able to see the positives and humour in every situation, which influences the mood and behaviour of all around her.

‘The care between staff and students at Clonard is like nothing else I have ever experienced at a school in 30 years of teaching. Teachers go out of their way every day to help students with every different kind of need. Students go out of their way to look after each other every moment of the school day. It is really wonderful to be a part of this culture of caring’. – Liz Rush

Mr Jarrod MacDonald

Meet Mr Jarrod MacDonald who has been Clonard’s ICT Leader for the last 18 months and what a time it has been to step into this role! The transition to remote learning in March 2020 and back and forth since has been quite the undertaking but we couldn’t be in better hands with Jarrod and the ICT Team.

Beyond remote learning, Jarrod leads Clonard’s ICT team and our vision and direction, managing key ICT projects ensuring there fit for purpose and are of high quality. In the background, Jarrod ensures our ICT infrastructure meets the need of the College through effective setup, maintenance and configuration.

Jarrod is instrumental in ensuring staff and students are competent ICT users and is constantly reviewing processes, software and hardware to ensure we are all operating as effectively and efficiently as we can. This has been particularly important in the five times we have moved to remote learning in 2020 and 2021. Initially shifting a whole workforce within such a short time frame has been no easy task but Jarrod’s calm and confident nature has made the transitions seem like a piece of cake.

Thank you, Jarrod and the whole ICT Tea