Faces of Clonard

Meet Mrs Lesley De Noronha. Although, there is no doubt most students and families already have. Lesley has held several positions in her thirteen years at Clonard but has always remained central to the daily operations of the General Office.
Currently, working in the role of Admin Team Leader, Lesley considers it a privilege to work in partnership with the Admin Team to ensure the best possible outcomes are met for our students, community & staff. With much appreciation in the knowledge that a day at Clonard is full of excitement & variety, general duties include coordinating bus and conveyance operations, Operoo communications, VASS, First Aid and student medical administration. However, anyone at Clonard will know, Lesley is your go-to person for many situations and always a solution is found.
After an active day in the office there is always a kind smile or a voice of encouragement around Clonard College. It is an honour to play a small part within the bigger purpose of the College that is centred around core values of hope that impact young lives and our greater community through Strength and Kindliness’. – Mrs Lesley De Noronha.
Mr Keane has been a member of staff at Clonard for the past two years as the Year 9 Wellbeing and Community Leader and teacher of Accounting, Economics, Humanities, Money and Me and Commerce.
In his role as Year 9 Wellbeing and Community leader, Mr Keane is responsible for a team of Wellbeing Teachers with specific responsibility for the Wellbeing of students at Year 9. He works proactively as part of the broader College Wellbeing Team and collaboratively with subject teachers to develop, maintain and encourage a respectful and engaging environment for all students.
Mr Keane’s dedication and genuine love for his work at Clonard is always apparent. Constantly working with students and families and going above and beyond to ensure students have all the support and opportunities available to them.
‘I love my job and I love working at Clonard. I firmly believe in the saying that if you love what you do then you’ll never work a day in your life. Clonard has given me many opportunities and invested in me and I am forever grateful for that and will always do my best to pay it forward’. – Mr Luke Keane.