Faces of Clonard – Mrs Stephenson & Hugh Saunders

Faces of Clonard – Natalie Stephenson and Hugh Saunders
We have a double edition today featuring our School Improvement Leaders for Learning, Natalie Stephenson and Hugh Saunders.
Mrs Stephenson has been teaching at Clonard since 2018, specialising in English and Humanities across the year levels. This year, teaching English Units 3 and 4 and Advanced English at Years 7 and 9.
Mr Saunders joined the Clonard teaching staff this year and currently teaches Units 3 and 4 Physical education and Year 10 Mathematics and Wellbeing.
Both teachers work together with the Leadership and Learning Leader team to plan, implement and evaluate learning strategies to ensure high levels of engagement, wellbeing and agency is achieved amongst students.
This year, with multiple challenges and changes taking place through the delivery of curriculum, Mrs Stephenson and Mr Saunders have been instrumental in supporting staff and students in this evolving time and we can’t thank them enough!