Reconciliation Week

Mrs Susan Collins, also known as Aunty Sue, has been Clonard’s Koorie Education Worker for the past eight years. Her main role is supporting and mentoring Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and working together with them and their families.

Aunty Sue also works closely with Clonard teachers and staff, supporting and sharing culture within the classroom and beyond leading a change and the promotion of reconciliation, culture and identity to unite our community.

Here is what some of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students have to say about Sue:

‘Aunty Sue is just an overall awesome person, she is down to earth and encourages and supports students at Clonard to do their very best. You just know you’re going to have a good day when you see Aunty Sue walk into Clonard’.

‘Aunty Sue’s cultural understanding, respect and knowledge is a quality I as a FIRE Carrier look up to and teaches me what it means to be a leader for future generations’.

‘I’m extremely grateful to not only work with Aunty Sue but also have her as a very important role model in my life’.

‘I just love Sue, she makes everything better. Just thinking about her is making me smile’.

Tori Fiolet, Year 12 FIRE Carrier
Jiealla Guttie-Galpin, Year 11 FIRE Carrier, proud Yandruwandha woman.
Bree Hutchinson, Year 11 FIRE Carrier, proud Palawa woman.