Feedback from Year 12 teachers

Girls willing to assist other girls who may have missed parts of classes due to Internet issues or technical problems.

Girls willingness to read parts from the play we are studying.

I have been impressed at how flexible and understanding they have been. They realise we are under the pump and that we are doing our best. My group is small but seeing as it is a subject with a lot of practical components, we have been unable to do any of these assessments. I have explained that the VCAA are deciding what we can do, and it is just a matter of time. They are quite happy with being kept updated and not to worry, we will get done what we need to.

The VCAL girls are thriving! Absolute superstars! 100% attendance & great communication!

I’m super impressed by the way the Year 12s have remained diligent and committed to their studies. I have almost 100% attendance and work submission from all my classes and I couldn’t be prouder of them. Big hearts!

Really proud of those students completing VETs and SBATs and getting to grips with other online learning methods that the RTOs are using!!

VCAL year 12s brighten up my day when they are laughing so much on video. Great to see their smiling faces!

Had my tear 12 VCAL’s 3 times this week and they’ve been champions; everyone submitted their work; all on time for classes.

In terms of positive feedback for my year 12 classes, firstly their attendance has been excellent so even if they are feeling down or unmotivated, they are still making the effort to get up and log into the video classes. Their attitude also been very “growth mindset”, those that have said they are feeling overwhelmed by everything now also said that they are sure they will get used to it and be fine.

Most of my students have also been very quick to message me if they need help and are demonstrating a sense of responsibility for their own learning. The majority (>90%) are also up to date with set tasks.

They have also been very supportive of me online and asked how I was going etc. Which is lovely to hear as a teacher.

I am having better attendance in my classes than I was at school! They usually also say thank you even just via the chat. They are working well given the situation and have seemed reasonably calm about it all so far.

I have been blown away by the Year 12’s and how they are approaching all of this.

My class have turned up to all scheduled sessions, engaged fully, responded with feedback and are supporting each other

My girls are posting and regularly on Teams- they are all over it. Sharing content and answering each other’s questions has been fantastic

They are reaching out when they need help- I have had several girls ask for help and make themselves vulnerable

A student (not a student of mine directly) messaged me to ask how I was going and just check in – it made my day

My class have been super awesome. They have taken on lots of new things and I have been so impressed with how well they are working independently. They are an absolute credit to themselves.

My feedback is that this group has my absolute respect!! I am in awe as to how they’ve risen to the challenge and have taken on a sense of not just independence in their learning but are also willing to share with each other, to tell their teacher his PowerPoint slides aren’t moving or that he is talking TOO LOUD, to still strive to meet deadlines, attend meetings on schedule etc. They will not only be ready for any changes the VCAA will throw our way with exams and assessments but will be SO much better prepared for Uni than any prior Year 12 group in history!! Super work from these guys – very proud of them😊