Yesterday, our four Fire Carriers (Sienna and Anastasia at Year 12 and Jade and Eva at Year 11) joined about 150 students and staff from a number of Catholic Secondary schools at a Fire Carrier seminar at Siena College, Camberwell .

Fire Carriers support “Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education”. 

Our students gathered to discuss reconciliation activities and initiatives at the different schools and to commit to the ongoing journey of respect, understanding and listening. Many ideas were shared for Reconciliation Week and for fundraising for Opening the Doors Foundation (which recently celebrated its 21st year of operation in Victoria). 

It was explained that the Foundation started with $500 and was trying to support the 32 First Nations students in Catholic Secondary schools in that first year. The Foundation has been so successful in fundraising and awareness raising that it now supports over 1000 First Nations students and families with finances to cover fees, uniforms, textbooks etc (without any government support).