First day in the garden for 2020

We had our first day in the garden for 2020 and introduced our new classmate, Daniella to our program. We walked through the garden to see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel. These are some of the sentences the students wrote:

We saw a spider eating a fly on its web. I saw some kiwi fruits on the kiwi fruit vine. I could see nice patterns on the snail shells. I saw lots of flowers. I heard birds. I heard a car horn. I heard flies buzzing around the compost. We touched the almond shells. It felt soft on the outside shell and rough on the inside shell. I could touch snails and their shells were nice and smooth. I tasted a sweet apple. Catie tasted some chives and it tasted really spicy. Kate tasted the chives and thought it tasted like onion. Daniella and I tasted a strawberry. It tasted delicious. Sienna tasted chives and it tasted like garlic bread. In the garden, Catie and Daniella felt happy. Kate felt excited to be back in the garden. Sienna felt a little anxious to be back but also happy.