On 25 June, our Food Studies Unit 3 and 4 class was fortunate enough to go on an excursion to the Food Bank in Drysdale at the Drysdale Community Church. Throughout Unit 3, we have been learning about social factors which can influence a person’s access to food and issues of food insecurity. This was an opportunity to see what support systems are around Geelong for people experiencing food insecurity.

We were greeted by Pastor Jake who is the coordinator and founder of the food bank and has been for twenty-five years. He has created a place where people in need are able to come for support, in times of need when they are unable to afford food for themselves and or their families.

At the food bank they create food boxes for families. These boxes include items like long life milk, fruit, vegetables, easy meals, children’s lunchbox snacks and some treats.

While we were there, we helped by packing fresh fruits and vegetables into boxes for families, prepared numbers for clients waiting to enter the food bank, helped pack perishable items that were stored in a cool room ready for collection, prepared sandwiches and biscuits for the clients, and helped with basic cleaning tasks.

This was an eye-opening experience for us all and made us aware that there are support system’s out there to help people that are experiencing food insecurity.

If anyone would like to support this wonderful service, you can contact them on 52532099.

Courtney B and Caterina F