Did you know that our food scraps can be composted and recycled to create healthy, rich soil?

Last week in Brigid’s Garden Program we focused on making compost. We learnt what goes into creating healthy compost and transforming our food scraps into amazingly rich, productive soil to be used in the garden to grow more food.

Did you know to make healthy compost, you need four main ingredients?

  • Browns (Carbon) – Collect dried autumn leaves, sticks, twigs, branches, some ripped up paper and cardboard
  • Greens (Nitrogen) – Add fruit and vegetable peels and scraps, weeds, lawn clippings
  • Water (HշO) – Keep the mixture moist but not too wet
  • Air (Oxygen) – Turn over the compost mixture to help with the decomposition process

We collected leaves, sticks and twigs from around the school grounds and emptied the compost buckets to create layers of browns and greens in the compost pile.

Compost Buckets
Around the school there are buckets next to the rubbish bins for all students and staff to dispose of any fruit or vegetable scraps. This is then collected and added to our compost pile in Brigid’s Garden. Please use these buckets to put your fruit and veggie scraps in.

This is one small action you can take. Be an eco-warrior and help our planet.