A small group of Year 10s completed work experience at GHD, an international engineering firm, in Geelong. They undertook a real-life project, looking at increasing the space at a local site. They had to take into account the different users, access, safety, the EPA guidelines and other regulations. Each student took on a different role and had a mentor to support them in their learning and understanding of the importance of their work. The Project manager oversaw all aspects, and the group were heavily invested and worked very well together.

GHD also facilitated other activities to expose the students to university pathways,  “speed dating” with female engineers, talks, hands on engineering challenges, working with Barwon water and more.

Their presentation to the staff at GHD, key facilitators from universities, family and teachers was well received and showed the depth of understanding they had developed in such a short time. Each of the students came to understand how to work independently in an adult environment and as a team to attain an outcome. They all showed great respect and tenacity in what they achieved.

“The students have been incredible ambassadors for Clonard today – they are so engaged, attentive and insightful” Jane Reid

A Big thanks to GHD who coordinated and developed the program for the students and wanted to inspire a future generation of engineers. Their hospitality, their care of the students and the opportunities they created were very much appreciated and set the bar very high for all. The students expressed how they were now more clear on their future goals.