Giant Jenga -‘take a block, make a friend’

Over the holidays, senior leaders came to together to help create a fun activity for Clonard students to connect after the crazy covid years. ‘Take a block, make a friend’ was workshopped at the end 2021 with the aim for students to make more friends as they return to school for the new year, aligning with the 2022 theme of connecting with compassion. Originally Mrs Quinn came across a video of strangers getting to know each other in a ball-pit and we all fell in love with this unique idea of getting to know each other through questions in a creative way. Naturally after a few discussions, using Jenga blocks instead of a ball pit was born. ‘Take a block, make a friend’ is a life size Jenga game with questions written on each block, each time a student removes a block it sparks a conversation providing a space for new connections to be built. It is kept in the junior area and in an effort to be environmentally friendly, recycled wood was used. This activity is open to the whole school, both staff and students included, and is a great way for our new Year 7 students to form friendships as they embark on their Clonard journey.

Video link (starting idea of ball pit): Take a Seat, Make a Friend | SoulPancake Street Team