Headspace Parent Workshop

Headspace parent and carer mental health workshop – Supporting Young People, Notice Ask Connect

Thank you to all the families that attended the workshop on Tuesday evening, it was wonderful to gather and connect as a community.  We are grateful to Simon from Headspace for his engaging and informative presentation of information about mental health and wellbeing in adolescence, how to have conversations with young people about mental health & wellbeing, and strategies for parents/carers about how to support their young person.  Thank you to our Student leaders – Abbey Blackley, Lucinda Bubb and Alyssa Bubb for their support on their night.

Parent feedback from the workshop:

“Great practical tips about how to discuss mental health issues with young people and awareness of the mental heath continuum” – Linda, parent of year 12 student

“Amazing video of parents providing tips and strategies about what has worked for them in talking to young people” – Bonni, parent of year 8 student

‘The mental health seminar was presented very well; an open and honest discussion that parents could all be part of.  It offered really great information you could take away that night and put into practice but also gave a range of available services and how they can help either your teen or you as the parent. “  Tania, parent of year 9 student

“The Headspace information night was a really good insight into the different aspects of mental health, how to know signs of good and poor mental health and the range of help available.

Most importantly, making time to just listen to our young ones, and put judgment aside.” Sarah, parent of year 10 student