Hero’s Journey Competition

In Term 1 the Year 7 Advanced English classes explored the classic Hero’s Journey narrative structure. Most stories in film and literature follow some variation of this structure including Disney, Harry Potter and Star Wars. The girls did a deep dive into how J.K. Rowling used the 12 part structure to take readers on Harry’s journey. At the end of the term we gave the girls a challenge to write their own Hero’s Journey narrative on only one page. Thanks to our Assistant Principal Ms. Jo Ryan who acted as our special guest judge. Congratulations to the following winners:

Most compelling hero – Sophia Hood

Most intriguing enemy – Jacqueline Kolar

Best friends/mentors – Sophie McGregor

Best use of 12-part structure – Sophie Nolan

Best use of imagery – Siobhan Aiken

Best overall story – Sienna Claydon

Rebecca Broekman and Natalie Stephenson
Year 7 Advanced English teachers