At Clonard in 2023 the focus of our professional learning communities (PLC’s) has been the intentional focus on High Impact Teaching Strategies or (HITS). HITS are a bank of 10 instructional practices that are internationally recognised as some of the most reliable teaching strategies for delivering learning outcomes. They are effective strategies that each teacher can use in all subjects and all year levels. HITS are highly effective strategies that Clonard teachers are using to increase the learning for all of our students.

In Term 1, students will have seen the intentional focus in their classes on the use of worked examples and metacognition. A worked example demonstrates the steps required to complete a task or solve a problem. The teacher presents a worked example and explains each step. Later, students can use the worked examples during independent practice and review and embed new knowledge.

Metacognitive strategies teach students to think about their thinking. When students become aware of the learning process, they gain control over their learning. Families are encouraged to ask students to share their thinking about thinking with them to practice these skills.

Kristi Cromer, School Improvement Leader- Learning