In the classroom – Science

Year 11 Biology

In Year 11 Biology, VCE students are undertaking an independent investigation related to biological concepts.

  • Tully and Anna were investigating whether temperature had an affect on cellular respiration (balloons).
  • Tiani and Erika (with the help of our Lab Tech Craig Billows) wanted to see if salinity impacted seed germination
  • Abbey Markham wanted to see if the colour of light impacted the rate of photosynthesis
  • Florence and Lucinda were investigating osmosis in sultanas – they are testing the movement of water across sultana membrane in difference concentration solutions

So many great things happening in this space; team work, collaboration, autonomy, responsibility, knowledge and skills!

Year 8 Body Systems

In Year 8 we have been learning about Body Systems and this week has been a focus on Circulatory Systems.

Our students have investigated the various structures and functions of blood vessels and the heart. To finish, they had to complete a heart dissection and identify major structures. There are definitely future doctors, surgeons and healthcare workers in this group!

Did you know that the left ventricle muscle wall is much thicker than the right side? This is so it has enough force to squeeze the blood around the entire body!