On Tuesday 3 May in the Kildare Theatre, Leading Senior Constable, Robbie Noggler came to talk to the Year 7 Clonard students about cyber safety and what is safe and what is not. Robbie helped all the Year 7’s gain a better understanding about how you can be safe and respectful online.

The key messages he gave us were;

  • If you are unsure, always talk to a trusted adult
  • The less personal information you give out online, the better
  • Think before you hit send. Once it’s online, you can’t take it back

Robbie talked to us about how there will always be bad people out there, but if we continue to follow the rules we should all be safe. He also spoke about our digital footprint and how things we say online can impact others. One of his rules were, make sure what you’re typing is appropriate, so make sure you don’t send anything disrespectful or unpleasant to anyone even if you were trying to make it a joke, because things can be misinterpreted. He also spoke about thinking about what we send today could have an impact in the future and to always think before we hit send.

Overall, it was a very educational and important conversation and we hope the students learnt something from his speech.

By Lucia Bugeja and Chloe Kearn

Leading Senior Constable Robbie Noggler, has recommend the following resource for anyone wanting more information on helping keep our kids safe online:

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