Kildare Ministries Newsletter – Justice

This month we were featured in the Kildare Ministries newsletter where we shared how our College has given expression to the 2020 theme – Justice

At Clonard, we strive to enact the value of Justice in everything we do. Intentionally and incidentally it has been pivotal in providing all of us with a sense of compassion, empathy and gives students agency and determination.

Amberley Social Justice Seminar

Clonard leaders connected with their peers from schools across Australia to explore, discuss and often debate social justice issues within their schools, communities and globally.

The ‘Tree of Life’ activity provided an opportunity to share what initiatives have been in place and what direction students will lead their schools in addressing injustice and inequality. Clonard leaders spoke of the Refugee tutoring program and other awareness-raising programs and activities they have been embedded into Clonard life. The girls returned to school inspired and determined to fulfill their roles as Justice Leaders.

It taught me a lot more about justice, what it is and actions I can take for justice not just as a leader at Clonard College but in the wider community. I enjoyed discussing with other students about justice and ways we can show and promote justice. It was a memorable experience that I will keep with me and one I hope to do again next year.

· Keren, Year 9

St Thomas Aquinas Breakfast Club

For many years, St Thomas’ breakfast club is the highlight of a Tuesday morning for the Clonard girls and staff who drive down to assist in the kitchen for an hour, making toast and milo for hungry students and parents who have not been able to manage breakfast that day. This is living justice; a service to all, without judgement or comment, a gift of insight for Clonard students.

By giving directly of themselves, talking to, cleaning up and sharing time with those who are less fortunate, they are learning about justice and diversity within their own community. A moment to develop selflessness and awareness.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Students

Clonard’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) group champions the voice of our Indigenous students and their rich history, diversity and cultures to foster positive relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Recently, ATSI student Bri Apma Hayes represented Clonard in an article in the local newspaper encouraging others to learn more about her culture and the issues Aboriginal people face. She encouraged all to join her in her quest for reconciliation, ‘when the truth of our history is told, we can all walk together’.

Opportunities to be active and have their stories told has promoted a sense of justice, not only as strong, proud Indigenous people but for all ATSI people, their history, diversity and culture.