This term, we received a wonderful hamper of goodies from Mabu Mabu, the renowned restaurant at Fed Square, in partnership with the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Mabu Mabu is a Torres Strait Islander saying that means, “help yourself.” The package included ingredients for damper making along with recipes.

In preparation before cooking, Brigid’s Garden Program students watched the damper making video given by the acclaimed Meriam chef and owner of Mabu Mabu, Nornie Bero.

We harvested a large pumpkin, some parsley, chives and banana leaves from Brigid’s Garden. Some of the pumpkin was used for the damper and Spicy Pumpkin Soup was made with the rest. Yum!

The students worked in pairs and between them created three different dampers, Pumpkin Damper, Saltbush Damper and Wattleseed Damper. The Pumpkin and Saltbush Damper’s were baked in banana leaves to give authentic flavours. The recipes were easy to follow and delicious to taste!