Master Planning Presentations

The school has employed the services of CHT Architects to strategically plan and develop our school site vision for the next 10 years and beyond. All decision making relating to this process has been overseen by the College Stewardship Council and a College Master Planning Control Group, with substantial input from a broad range of groups within our school community. This process included surveys to staff, students, and parents. As a parent this is your opportunity to view this planning and see/hear first-hand the exciting developments being proposed.

Stage 1: New Science / STEM facility including general learning areas.

Stage 2: Refurbishment of Tullow Hall, including relocation of Dance, Drama and Music.

Stage 3: Refurbishment of Tressider Hall, including new Church Street front entrance.   

Three presentations will be offered in the Nagle Room. Due to COVID protocols numbers need to be monitored, please RSVP via Operoo. Upon arrival ensure to sign in via the QR code. The presentation will run for approximately 30 mins with some question time at the end.

Session 1: 4.00pm- 4.45pm

Session 2: 5.00pm – 5.45pm

Session 3: 6.00pm – 6.45pm