This week, the beautiful grounds of Clonard came alive at night, as the Year 12 Theatre Studies class, along with students from Years 8-10 presented a magical production of Mary Zimmerman’s play, Metamorphoses.

Audiences were led around parts of the grounds by a tour leader, stopping at various locations to see the enactment of Ancient Greek myths of transformation. The front of Clonard House was transformed into the palace of King Midas, whose lust for gold had a disastrous impact on his family. The grotto was both a cave for a man with an insatiable hunger and a therapist’s office for the headstrong teenage son of Apollo. The Brigidine Space became the Underworld of Hades and Persephone, as Orpheus begged to be reunited with his bride, Eurydice. The majestic Norfolk Pines, situated at the heart of Clonard’s grounds, became the place where an old couple received their wish from the gods, that they might be changed into trees, and so live on together, after their death.

With the addition of lighting, sound and set pieces, Clonard’s grounds at night provided a wonderful backdrop for audiences to enjoy this poetic and lovely play. Congratulations to the actors, crew and staff who brought Metamorphoses to life during Term 1 and thanks to all who came along to see it!

Janine McKenzie (Theatre Studies teacher and director)

You can view all the images from the production on the Clonard Facebook page: