Mother’s Day Breakfast

Thank you to our mums, nannas, aunties and other ‘mother’ figures who joined with us for our Mother’s Day breakfast today. Linked to our theme of wonder we asked the students what was ‘wonderful’ about their mums and these were some of the things they shared….

My mum is the best person as she cares and supports me no matter what. She is such a strong woman with determination. She sacrifices so much for me.

Thank you for everything you do for everyone around you, Your work doesn’t go unnoticed.

Mum – I love you and I’m sorry that I don’t say it often enough. I have always looked up to you and admire everything you do.

From our College Captains:

When I think about the unconditional love of a mother, many memories come to mind, but one of the most recent ones is the story of my 18th birthday. Now I didn’t want a party, I was absolutely against it, but my mother, being the amazing person that she is, decided that I should have one anyway and invited my entire family down for my birthday, which actually happened to be on mother’s day. I did not make it easy for her. When she asked me what food I wanted, I gave her little to work with, responding with “that’s fine” and “we don’t need too much”. Decorations? Who needs those am I right? But the biggest debate was over the cake. I was told to go online and choose a cake. Cool right? The thing is, I didn’t want to order a cake, I wanted a homemade one, and after many back and forwards, Mum relented.

So, for the entire week before my birthday, my mum was making cake upon cake. It got to the point where I’m honestly surprised, she wasn’t swimming in the stuff. Then my birthday arrived. I woke up and we exchanged gifts, both for my birthday and Mother’s Day, then in the time that I had a shower and got ready, mum had managed to put together the most beautiful High Tea setting. There were little gold food serving stands filled with bite sized sweets, purple decorations everywhere and, waiting in the fridge, was four, purple icing covered layers of the most beautiful cake, and although I may have not wanted a party, it gob smacked me that someone would go to all this effort to make my birthday so special, especially on a day that she should have been the most celebrated person in the family.

I’m sure that many of you here have similar stories to share. It is through these stories that we realize how truly blessed we are to have such incredible role models in our lives. From the aunt who always gives the best presents, to the grandma’s who travel three hours just to go to a musical with you or take you out hunting for hours to find wild flowers just so you can win a photo competition, and to the mothers who have held our hands and guided us through the ups and downs of life. Through toddler tantrums, early morning sport, friendship drama and the emotional journey of high school. Thank you for loving us unconditionally and although that love may come off as smothering at times, it is that very same unconditional love of a mother that has helped mold us into the people we are today. Wherever we are in our journey of life, whether it be as a year 7, just starting to adventure into the waters of high school, or a year 12, who is on the cusp of the next stage of their life, wherever that may be, we thank you. – Alisha Nurnaitis

A mother is defined as someone who is nurturing, who will always have your back, and who will take on the role of your number one carer. They are the ones who are always there for you whether you know it all not.

We also acknowledge that a mother can come in many different shapes and forms. Your mother might be your best friend, your shoulder to cry on, your ears to rant to, your CEO organizer, your fixer-upper when there’s a problem, your on demand doctor, your Manu in the kitchen, or like mine your personal hairstylist. Whoever they are , right now is the moment to reflect on them, and thank them for everything they are to you, and for everything, they do for you.

I’m sure we have all heard this a 100 times, however, it’s only because it’s true. We, especially as students couldn’t have got to where we are today without having a mother figure in our life. My mum for the last 16 years has been making my sister and I’s school lunch’s for school. In primary school she also used to braid my hair everyday. I still remember when at the end of year 6 she told me I’d have to start doing my own hair for high school. “Big girl things”. I spent most of that summer practicing how to do my hair for school, as before that, I’d never really had to.

These simple gestures mean the world to me. So to my mum, and all the other mothers out there thanks for putting up with us, being patient and persistent to get us through. We appreciate it, you are the best. Lucy Williams