National Science Week

Celebrating science & technology

National Science Week is Australia’s annual celebration of science and technology.

Running each year in August, it features more than 1000 events around Australia, including those delivered by universities, schools, research institutions, libraries, museums and science

What is happening at Clonard?

Science Joke Competition – Create or find a funny science joke. Send your entry via Teams chat to Mrs Tolan by Friday. For example. Why can you never trust atoms? They make up everything.

Science Cake Competition – Create and decorate a cake or other edible item in the theme of this year’s Science Week “Deep Blue – Innovations for the Future of our Oceans”.

This may for example include highlighting the issues of plastic in the oceans, sustainable fishing, eco-friendly tourism. eco-friendly cosmetics and sun lotions.

Film a short video (max 30s) showing your creation and describing what it represents. Send your video entries to Mrs Purnell via Teams chat.

  • Science Week DIY activities
    (will be published daily on social media or download below)
    There will be DIY Science activities published daily on social media that you and your family can get involved in.

    If you take part, send a photo/report of what you do to Mrs Congues via Teams chat.

  • Science Week Competitions 
    There are lots of Science Week activities being run by organisations such as the CSIRO. Some even involve prize money. These include a photography competition, a science writing competition and a research competition. Details will be posted on social media through the week. If you take part, send a report/photo of what you do to Ms Smith via Teams chat.
  • Yr 7-9 Escape Room Activity
    All Year 7 – 9 students will take part in a Science online escape room activity during one of their Science lessons this week.
  • Future Foods Zoom conference 
    Some Year 12 students are going to take part in a with La Trobe University.

    They have tasting packs of a range of sustainable foods that may become more comment in our diets in future including cricket crisps (yes, as in the insect), seaweeds and pulses. 


CSIRO National Science Week Challenge

Challenge yourself to explore your own vital connections to the ocean. Wherever we live, we all have important connections to the ocean.

The ocean provides much of the oxygen we breathe, powers the weather and climate, and provides some of the food we eat. Our individual choices, from how we harness energy to how we dispose of waste, all play a role in the health of the ocean. The sustainable future of the ocean depends on all of us. We need innovative solutions to meet the global demand for food and energy, while protecting marine life and ecosystems.

University of NSW Science Writing Competition

Are you an aspiring science writer in Years 7-10? You could win a stack of great prizes and be published alongside Australia’s best science writers!

2020 theme: The Big Ideas Saving the Planet
What are the solutions that will help us to address global challenges such as catastrophic climate change, global pandemics, severe weather and sea level rise?
Entries close 28 August.

scienceXart: spot the maths

Can you think creatively and spot the maths that is all around you? You might notice maths on your way to school or around your house, or even make your own maths-themed art.

Once you have spotted some maths, take a photo and explain the maths you have found in 240 characters. 

Entries will be judged based on creativity, mathematical merit and demonstration of impact through the image and description.