Old Collegian News – Sam Taylor @ Platform Arts

Dynamic duo – Old Collegian, Samantha Taylor from the class of 2015, has joined forces with @platformartsgeelong. Her latest body of work ‘Diaspora’ brings to life Sam’s research and reflection of her transcultural identity and is due to open in October under the curation of Amber Smith from the class of 2009.

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”Samantha Taylor uses various mediums to explore the notion of a third culture – a space in which culture combines and intermingles between the Diaspora and the country of migration – and her own third culture, unpacking what it means to be on the periphery of belonging.

Her collection of objects signify both the loss and subsequent reacquisition of cultural customs, and reveal a deeply sentimental element to her process. ‘Diaspora’ asks the viewer to consider the migrant experience and the multigenerational impact that displacement from one’s homeland has on the lived experience of those marginalised. ”  

– Amber Smith, Curator

Learn more: bit.ly/SamTaylor @samtaylor__art

Image: Samantha Taylor, ‘Singaporean-ish’