Onward we go – together

We are now in the full-swing of remote learning for our students and what an amazing community we are.  The first time we moved off-site, we took two weeks to learn technology that, at any other time, would have taken months – some might argue even years. 

But necessity certainly is the mother of invention and this hardy group of professionals, took the technology and have made it their own. This time, we moved off-site in two days and the learning has continued, without break, since then.

Our teachers are in every class for every student and I believe this has been a great comfort to parents to know that we are there, teaching, guiding, advising and laughing with your children to help them get through, not only the work before them, but the times around them.  The students continue to be an enormous source of pride for all of us – attending, participating, completing work and laughing with us too.  Teachers report to me all the time – and I say it too – how grateful we are to have students who are so accepting of the situation that they do not complain but who thank us when a lesson is completed.  Those voices as they go off to another class, remind us of how important our work is…because our work is for them.

I would also like to take a moment to thank the Wellbeing teachers who continue to be that shining light in a student’s world…competitions, games, PULSE check ins all keep students connected with each other.  That is the real work here as the pandemic tries to keep us apart…how do we stay together?  The Wellbeing program of Clonard College is inspired and inspirational – maintaining the focus on strength and capacity building despite what life may hand you. 

The leadership of the College from every teacher through to our Principal, are here to support our whole community and our shoulders are broad.  We will continue in this work – in God’s work – of keeping us all moving forward, together, from computers in every corner of Geelong and regional areas.  Just to remind you all:

Thank you to our students.  You are inspirational.

Thank you to our teachers.  You are doing a mighty work – spirit-filled

Thank you to our community. You are keeping your families going with courage and commitment.

Thank you to our leadership.  You hold the line with strength and kindliness.

Onward we go – together.


  • Ms Jo Ryan, Assistant Principal – Learning & Teaching