Parent-Teacher Interviews

Thursday July 23  4pm – 7pm 
Tuesday July 28: 4pm – 7pm

Bookings will open at 6:00pm on Friday, 17 July. Log in via PAM.

Please make your bookings after reviewing your child’s semester one statement of results (also released Friday, 17 July).

Given the changed format for interviews, we suggest a maximum of five bookings per student.

Teachers will make the Microsoft Teams call to your child at the interview time.

Please have your child’s laptop logged in, Teams open, ready to receive the call.

More than one student? –  Each student should be individually logged on to their allocated device.

Please understand that teachers may need to strictly adhere to a 5 minute call, so the next parent is not inconvenienced.

You may want to leave a gap between bookings to prevent ‘video overload’ – imagine you are walking between rooms on campus.

IMPORTANT: The booking system will be CLOSED on Thursday, 23 July and we re-open again on Friday, 24 July, for those wanting to book for the following Tuesday.