Pathways from the School Gate

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This session is FREE and are designed to support both parents/carers AND young people with transitioning after secondary school.

The pathway from school to the adult world is different for every person.  Whether it is further education or training, moving into the workplace or a combination of both it is a new adventure for families.  These sessions aim to give families and young people further information and support to make an informed decision. 

The sessions are suitable for both VCAL and VCE students (especially those doing unscored VCE or finding this year particularly challenging and needing a Plan B) and for students who may be thinking of leaving school before Year 12.

The student session is primarily aimed at student’s who next year may be:

  • Looking for employment
  • Wanting to engage in further education (not University)
  • Combining work and further education
  • Unsure of their pathway
  • Wanting to have a Plan B in this uncertain year

On the evening of 21st July we will be holding a FREE Parent/Carer Forum.  This allows parents/carers to engage with the same questions and panel members and find out the information they need to support their young person to transition successfully. 

Our panel members will consist of employer (Bernadette Purton/Norris Construction), industry experts (Brooke Hyland and Jo Harris/GRLLEN), family & student educator (Leigh Bartlett/BATForce) and further education/employment supports (Skills & Job Centre)