As it’s been a while since we updated you on matters to do with Positive Behaviour 4 Learning (PB4L) at Clonard it is perhaps timely for a little refresher before we share our exciting news.

PB4L is a whole-school approach to creating a positive, safe and supportive school climate in which all students can develop to their full potential. PB4L is an evidence-based framework with over 40 years of implementation internationally and there is mountains of academic as well as anecdotal evidence that PB4L has successfully improved the behavioural and social outcomes in thousands of schools internationally, as well as locally in Australia. Key elements of PB4L are the development of School Wide Positive Behaviour Expectations, teaching and learning of these expectations, positive acknowledgements for students meeting expectations and feedback, education and support when expectations are not being met.

After undergoing the process of consulting with our student body, our parent community and our staff we have locked in our School Wide Expectations – Respect, Engagement and Resilience. To bring clarity as to how to fulfil these expectations a matrix which outlines the skills of these expectations was collaboratively developed during staff workshops and taking into account student voice. (See attached Expectations and Skills Matrix)

As part of the PB4L approach these expectations and skills will be explicitly taught to best give our students the opportunity to understand and be able to meet the expectations. What we know from the science of behaviour is that students are best able to meet expectations when the expectations and associated skills are taught and students are provided with specific positive feedback when expectations are met. This is more impactful than waiting for students to make mistakes and providing aversive or punitive consequences. It’s also just a better way to learn!

As a school we have decided to start with a school wide focus on the expectation of ‘Respect’ and the skill of ‘Being On Time and Ready to Learn’. We believe that in general our students mostly do a great job in this regard and as such it should provide a great opportunity for staff to practice the formula of specific positive feedback. 1. State the expectation. 2. Provide specific feedback as to how the expectation was met. While this is a basic expectation and simple skill – Being on time and ready to learn is incredibly important and will serve our students well in developing the skills for success, both with their learning at Clonard and beyond.

PB4L Core Team
Dean Williams, Tania Anticev & Andrew Damon