Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) – We need your input!

We are continuing to work towards implementing the PB4L framework which will further support our students’ learning and wellbeing. One of our key goals early in the process is to decide, as a community of students, families and staff, the core values/expectations that will help give our community the direction to be socially and academically an even greater community. The values that we select as a community should help Clonard be a positive place to learn, assist us in teaching students how to behave at school, give us a reference point for providing students with meaningful and positive feedback when they exemplify these values as well as a reference point for teaching behaviors that will lead to improvement when expectations are not being met.

We are aiming to select values/expectations that are highly memorable and teachable. To assist our community in being able to remember the values we will select between 3 – 5 values in total.

At the end of 2021 Clonard staff undertook a full day of PB4L training which culminated in staff teams nominating a range of values/expectations. In alphabetical order, these values were: active learner, character, commitment, engagement, excellence, fun, justice, kindness, participation, persistence, resilience, respect, responsibility, safe, spirituality and strength. You will notice that these expectations address both social and academic behaviours which we believe is ideal as we are a school that is aiming to teach our students both the skills to be great learners and great people. Now we really need your input as parents and carers as to the values/expectations you would like to see as our school wide expectations. Please click on the link sent to you via Operoo earlier this week to cast your vote. You can choose from the values that staff nominated, or you can nominate additional values. Please select/enter the 3 values you think are most important for our context. Please also keep in mind that these values should be teachable. For example, a value/expectation such as Respect can be taught explicitly – if for instance we had data which indicated a spike in bullying in a particular year level we would be able to respond by teaching anti-bullying lessons.

We look forward to your very important input in this process.  If you haven’t already done so please respond via the Operoo link sent earlier this week.  Thank you for the overwhelmingly strong responses received so far.

Clonard PB4L Core Team 

Dean Williams, Tania Anticev, & Andrew Damon