At Staff Briefing last Monday, we reflected on how this had been the first time in more than two years we had completed a full term of face to face teaching. We likened it to an AFL football team not having to play a full game for two years! If we add to this the challenge of student and staff absences due to COVID illness or isolation, it is easy to recognise why students and staff are a little weary and ready for the Easter break.  

I want to acknowledge the work of staff this past term who have ensured the routines of learning face to face have been in place whilst looking to include, where possible, the extra curricular and out of school experiences that complement the learning and development of the students. Something that has been missed in the past two years. I know these experiences have been highly valued by the students. 

Today we gathered as a school community to mark the beginning of Holy Week as we journey towards Easter.  

Faith is to hold onto something we cannot see, something beyond our reach. At the heart of our faith is belief founded in the events of Easter – death and resurrection.  

Light from dark. 

Hope from despair. 

Life from death. 

This is the gift of our faith. 

The passion story of Christ is one of the greatest human dramas. All of us can find our place in the story. This as we listen to the Passion of Jesus read on Palm Sunday and again on Good Friday, we are invited to notice the moments of compassion. Not just of Jesus towards others but of others towards Jesus. We might also consider 

Could I have been like Jesus, accepting the cross as a part of my life pilgrimage?  

Could I have been among the crowds mocking Jesus?  

Could I have been like the women weeping as Jesus passed by?   

Could I have been among the disciples who fled from danger, abandoning Jesus at his final hour? 

Could I be sheepish about my commitment to Jesus as a disciple, like Nicodemus, who only claimed he knew Jesus under cover of night?  

Could I have been like Mary, the Mother of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, and the Beloved Disciple at the foot of the cross faithful to the end?  

We trust that whilst our students will use this holiday time for a break, we also encourage them to keep connected to their studies, especially our senior students to maintain the momentum and ensure they are well positioned to make the most of the opportunities presented to them in Term 2.  

Finally an Easter blessing for our community: 

May the glory 
and the promise 
of this joyous time of year 
bring peace 
and happiness to you 
and those you hold most dear. 
And may Christ, 
Our Risen Saviour, 
always be there by your side 
to bless you 
most abundantly 
and be your loving guide. 

– Author Unknown