Our slavery-free focussed chocolate Easter egg raffle to support Project Compassion for Caritas has been drawn!! Out of over 300 tickets the following tickets were drawn by Principal Luci Quinn at the front of Clonard House on Wednesday at lunchtime

1st Prize: Emily Luketic of Year 12
2nd Prize Sienna Talbot of Year 9
3rd Prize: Ruby Egan of Year 8

Thanks so much to all parents, students and staff who purchased tickets and in doing so contributed to the work of Caritas around the world.
The office has tallied all funds received by cash, by card and through CDF pay and it tallied over $500 ($506 to be exact!!!) which can now be passed on to Caritas.

Thanks to Dean in the office for his work in providing the daily cash float for sales and setting up/monitoring CDF payments, to Vicki in the Library for packaging and storing the prizes, and to our wonderful, hard-working Social Justice leaders who sold tickets over about 8 or 9 days at lunchtimes: Bridgette, Chantelle, Asha, Sienna, Emma W., Emma B., Mieka and Denise.