Child Safety

Clonard College is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young. We take seriously our responsibility to build a child safe culture in our College. 

In this newsletter we write to update you on a number of processes that help us to support child safety. 

This year our Child Protection Officers are Tania Anticev and Justine Fitzpatrick supported by Therese Bourke. The following posters are displayed around our College explaining to our students how they can get help if they do not feel safe. 

Our College has a Child Safe Team that meets once a term to monitor the implementation of the Child Safe Standards especially in relation to building a child safe culture, monitoring risks, processes of responding to and reporting disclosures and the empowerment and engagement of young people. Carmel Thomas, one of our parents will be joining the team in Term 1. 

At our recent meeting we considered some of the findings of the research report ‘Taking us seriously: children and young people talk about safety and institutional responses to their safety concerns.’  There were many areas that resonated with the work we are doing in this space. 

Parents and community members are reminded that they can also report a concern. Our process can be found below in a flowchart suggested by the Commission for Children and Young People.