It is exciting to announce that the artwork, created during Reconciliation Week this year, using the painted hands of so many students and staff, has now been hung in the upstairs section of the Brigidine Centre.

The artwork represents the joining and overlaying of hands in support of Reconciliation, with the artwork itself a representation of the Aboriginal flag.

Thanks to Tracey Newnham for her artistic guidance and oversight of this project, to Brendan Ryan (Library Services Manager) for locating a suitable space in which to display the work, and to our 2022 Fire Carriers and Year 12 students Bree Hutchinson and Jiealla Guttie-Galpin for their leadership across Reconciliation Week and generally across 2022.

We hope the artwork will serve as a reminder to all students and staff of the need for many ‘hands’ to join together on the path to Reconciliation