Reconciliation Week Assembly

RECONCILIATION WEEK ASSEMBLY // Today our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and FIRE Carriers led our Reconciliation Assembly. Embracing the theme of ‘More than a word. Reconciliation takes action’, our students led proudly through prayer, dance, personal story, finishing with an invitation to join them in reconciliation through action.
Year 12 FIRE Carrier and proud Arrernte woman, Layla Boseley urges us all to act:
‘We invite everyone in this room today to support your Aboriginal friends by being an ally – What do I mean when I ask you to be an ally? You could be one by simply asking us questions and wanting to learn more about our journey. We challenge you to truly think about what ACTION you could take?
◼ Call out casual racism
◼ Close the gap of educational and health outcomes
◼ Acknowledge the ugly history, accept the wrongs of the past and the impact it has
◼ Engage in respectful two-way conversations involving truth, healing, justice’.