Reconciliation Week #inthistogether

On Tuesday, May 26, all Clonard classes at school and remote learners attended a Reconciliation Assembly, that was prepared by ATSI students and Gab McMahon. This was a time to reflect on what we can all do to promote reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people and learn more about the culture, history and diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people.

To officially begin Reconciliation Week for 2020 we partook in a National Acknowledge of country at 12pm an posted this to the Clonard social networks.

Bri Apma Hayes, Year 12 FIRE Carrier, proud Arrernte woman.

Piper Knox, Year 11 FIRE Carrier, proud Wajarri/Badamia woman.

Kelsea Gray, Year 11 FIRE Carrier, proud Kanolu woman.

Layla Boseley, Year 11 FIRE Carrier, proud Arrernte woman.

Our NT Trips for this year were cancelled due to COVID-19 and generally these students present the school with a reflection of their time spent in remote communities during the Reconciliation Week Assembly. This year, we decided to look back on the many trips Clonard has embarked on over the years and you can watch this below.