Our Living Justly leaders, Year 12 students Livinia S and Eva M, recently attended an awards evening at Catholic Leadership Centre in East Melbourne to receive the joint Silver award for the team’s Living Justly submission from last year.

The Rerum Novarum Awards, recognising excellence for documenting a social justice project, use the ‘See, Judge, Act’ method to apply the principles of Catholic social teaching. Clonard’s Silver award was presented for Clonard’s 2023 submission regarding our “Justice Meal Day” (also well known as “Bread roll day”!) where most students randomly received different ‘rations’ of food to reflect the adequacy of meals around the globe, raising awareness of this daily reality for many in our world. It focusses on experiencing and understanding the harsh /random reality of poverty and hunger for so many in our world (80% often do not have anything to eat, about 19% are able to eat and yet 1% have so much left over). The award application required our students, with only minimal assistance from staff, to compile a 1500 word research paper, a Project Impact Report and a video application prepared by our Living Justly leaders.

Well done to our Living Justly student team!