Science Week and Book displays in the Library

One of the many pleasures of being a librarian is to find different ways to appeal to and engage students with the library collection and library spaces. The Brigidine Centre library is a wonderful space to showcase student learning and during Science Week we have been fortunate to be able to engage students with interactive Science displays, real-time experiments as well as information about the sciences. Our heartfelt thanks to Learning Leader, Mr Canning, and to the Clonard Science faculty for sourcing and arranging the display

The library has also been a lively and colourful space with a series of displays relating to The Humanities and English texts. As part of their study of Medieval Europe Year 8 students created model castles and a peasant house from clay and wood. We were fortunate to have a surfboard on loan from Ms Newnham and a eucalypt sapling donated to the display for Road to Winter, a Year 9 English text set in the Otways during a time of virus. We have also had a display of Horror books and ephemera to coincide with the Year 8 English Horror unit.

CBCA Book Week 2021 begins at the College on Monday 23 August with a range of activities for students that include craft activities, short films, a Bookface and poster competition, as well as Costume Day on Friday 27 August. On this day, students are encouraged to dress as a favourite character and wear their costume to school, or if they choose to, they can wear their P.E uniform and change into their costume at school. Prizes will be awarded for best costume on the day. The winners of the Book awards will be announced on Friday 20 August.


Mr Ryan

Library Services Manager